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Mijo performs at Recital

Group and individual classes now forming for Winter.  Save on group piano and group voice lessons.

ADULT CHORAL CLASS   This ongoing singing class focuses on teaching vocal skills used by choral singers including but not limited to: breath control, sight reading, intonation, mastering rhythms, musical notation, dynamics, phrasing, meter and more.  Ms. Harwood has a Masters in Choral Conducting and has taught choral groups of all sizes and abilities.  Get in shape to join the choral ensemble of your dreams through this targeted course.   $80.00 per month.  Mondays 6:00 – 7:00 pm

BEGINNING GROUP PIANO LESSONS  Ages 7+12   January 31rst through February 14th with a Valentines Day Recital on February 14th.  Classes meet from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.   For beginners only.  No previous experience required.   A wonderful inexpensive opportunity for beginners to learn note values, dynamics, rhythms, note names, musical symbols, fingerings, phrasing, musicality, ensemble playing and more.  Play together in a fun group environment.  8  group lessons for $240.00.  Payable on or before first lesson.  No refunds for missed lessons after first week.   Call to sign up and for more detailed information at 425-246-2850.

Private Voice Lessons   Learn all aspects of vocal production. Trained in the “Kodaly Method” for very young singers.  Sight reading, ear-training, interval training, tone production, diction, breathing, vowels, theory, musicality, styles, presentation, performance and more.  All lessons paid monthly in advance.  Prices:   1/2 hour weekly voice lesson $40.00 per lesson.   One hour weekly voice lesson $75.00 per lesson.  One hour combined voice and piano lesson $75.00 per lesson.  Please call or text 425-246-2850 for more information and available times.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Yours,  Dorothy Harwood

Private Piano Lessons  Learn not only to play beautifully but to have fun learning to read and perform.  Learn all aspects of piano performance, accompaniment skills, ear-training, theory, sight-reading, rhythmic accuracy, memorization, composition and piano technique.  All lessons paid monthly in advance.  Prices: 1/2 hour weekly piano lessons $35.00. One hour weekly piano lesson $65.00. One hour weekly combined voice and piano lesson $75.00 per lesson. Call or text 425-246-2850 for more information and available times.

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