Making Music Has Lifetime Benefits for Brain Development and Academic Performance

Did you know making music helps brain development?

At one time, the “Mozart Effect” was all the rage, claiming that listening to certain music contributes to brain development. There is now scientific evidence that proves that just as important as listening to music is actively creating music for brain development and academic performance.

Time Magazine published the findings of a study published by Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory that found that just listening to music is not enough to reap the full benefits of music. The team at Northwestern University collected data from a community music program serving low-income children in Los Angeles that boasts that 93% of its senior students have gone on to university. The average for their locals is 50%.

The study found that “active generation and manipulation of sound music can rewire the brain.” Picking up an instrument and making music is what actually lights up the brain and creates new neurological connections.

Active generation and manipulation of sound music can rewire the brain.

When a child takes to the piano, or any other instrument, they actively participate in the generation of music that ignites a process occurs that stimulates brain development. Additionally, the child learns to hear and process sounds differently, which contributes to better literacy and comprehension, as well as new language acquisition. Playing an instrument also has impact on behaviors that contribute to academic performance, like focus, discipline, and independent inquiry.

The research team leader concludes, “Find the kind of music they love, good teachers, an instrument they’ll like. Making music should be something that children enjoy and will want to keep doing for many years!”

But the benefits of making music aren’t limited to children, they last a lifetime. Our friend Terry Stefan at explores the mental health and anti-brain degeneration benefits of music. Playing thirty minutes on the piano has just as much brain stimulation as a crossword puzzle or a brain app. A few minutes of a familiar song on the pinao can calm your brain and relieve you of the day’s stress.

So, get your child or yourself for that matter started on a hobby or who knows, profession that have lifetime benefits!

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