Checklist for a Musical Practice

We all know that there is practice, then there is good practice. But what is the difference between just practice and practice that improves your musical delivery? Here’s Ms. Harwood’s checklist to make practice meaningful. Read the description before the song – imagine what it sounds like. Watch the dynamics! The difference between loud and […]

When Piano Practice Gets Overwhelming

Sometimes piano practice seems overwhelming because music is complicated and there are many layers. But never fear, there are ways to lower your blood pressure and make practice fun! There are many parts to playing the piano. For example we have to think about dynamics, rhythms, tone, expression, phrasing, touch, melody, balance, evenness, etc… Break the […]

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Christmas is nearly here, and I wanted to share a card I received last year from an old student. It warmed my heart to know that the gift of music is a gift that keeps on giving through the years. Enjoy. Dear Dorothy, How are you? I hope you are doing well. I’m not sure […]

Making Music Has Lifetime Benefits for Brain Development and Academic Performance

Did you know making music helps brain development? At one time, the “Mozart Effect” was all the rage, claiming that listening to certain music contributes to brain development. There is now scientific evidence that proves that just as important as listening to music is actively creating music for brain development and academic performance. Time Magazine […]

Sign-up for Winter Classes

Mijo performs at Recital

Group and individual classes now forming for Winter.  Save on group piano and group voice lessons. ADULT CHORAL CLASS   This ongoing singing class focuses on teaching vocal skills used by choral singers including but not limited to: breath control, sight reading, intonation, mastering rhythms, musical notation, dynamics, phrasing, meter and more.  Ms. Harwood has a […]